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If there is one thing we specialize in, it's FRESH vegetables... fresh beans, fresh tomatoes, fresh greens. Our fresh produce is truly fresh - it hasn't been on a truck crossing the country, it hasn't been in cold storage for months, and it hasn't been sprayed with strange ripening agents or waxy coatings. Our fresh vegetables are simply grown locally, picked at the peak of freshness, and delivered straight from the farm to your table. 

Nutritionally, vegetables are at their peak when they are perfectly ripened on the plant or vine. Obviously, it would be impossible for traditional supermarkets to deliver this quality to you because it would spoil before it reached you. When you order from Natural Direct, our local farmers won't even pick your fresh vegetables until you order them. So, within just hours of leaving the field, your produce will be packed in our special insulating bags and on their way to your table. 

The vegetable aisle at the supermarket looks fresh, but we guarantee that you'll notice the difference from the first bite.